cousins and quilts

It’s springtime and the rabbits aren’t the only ones procreating around here.  Nope, several friends and a few family members have been too — much to the delight of this quilter who loves the ritual of giving a welcome baby quilt.

I started this quilt quite awhile ago and finished the top (aka, the fun part) pretty quickly.  Then, as we quilters tend to do, I set it aside and started up on something else…probably another quilt top.  At the time, I didn’t know who this quilt would go to…no specific babies were on the horizon yet, but then one thing led to another, and here we are, mere weeks away from the arrival of another cousin.

I love the part of the process where you lay it out so see where all the pieces fit best before you sew anything together — like a ceremony or a garden…or a decent outfit.  You can see, this early stage occurred when we were still living in the apartment in Brooklyn — hence a quilt in pieces laid out all over the floor of the music studio/everything-else room.

Admittedly, with the strange issue of having fertile friends and family members, I haven’t had the time to actually quilt any of my own quilts in the past.  I usually send them off to amazing Pat in Colorado for the quilting module while I stay home and do the fun parts, headaches averted.  This time, though, I thought I’d try my hand at the actual quilting and see how it went.

I used Rae’s Storytime pattern and followed her instructions to the tee — straight lines that make cool ditch squares all around the quilt top.  It was fun, and gosh did I learn how much L.O.V.E. goes into quilting.  I thought I already knew…but now I really know.  But, it’s busytown these days, so I think I’ll go back to employing Pat for the next set of welcome quilts.

In anticipation of popping this quilt in the mail in a few days, I let her sit in this glorious Portland sunshine on the porch for a few hours today — to soak in all that is green and fresh and good here.  When I brought it inside, I noticed the cat made her way over quickly to nuzzle her face into the soft cotton and pause for a photo opp.  As if to say, “hey, don’t forget — he’ll be my baby cousin too.”

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2 thoughts on “cousins and quilts

  1. Beautiful quilt. I love the colors. All soft and sweet. Who’s having a baby? Not the Mulliken side? At least not that I know of.

  2. thanks Jules. nope, not the Mulliken side. Rob’s brother Danny and his wife Michelle. Not until July, but I have a lot of quilts to make this year, so I’m trying to get them done early.

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