Curing Yourself of an Incurable Disease, Part 2

this year's bucket list

bucket list

Unorthodox Idea #2

Write It Down.

Once you have decided you are the cure to your own disease, put it in writing that you intend to cure yourself — this year…this decade…this lifetime.  Write it down as a goal. Merely by the act of recording your hopes and wishes begins to make them come true both because it activates external support and it sets you in motion.

There’s an exercise I do at the beginning of each year and I invite my clients to do as well:

*Date a sheet of paper for the end of the year that’s just beginning.

*Write down your accomplishments in past tense — as though they have already happened.

For example, if you made this list today it might look something like this:

August 2010

1. Got pregnant

2. Went to Mexico

3. Cured myself of diabetes

4. Saved $10,000

5. ………   and so on.

Seeing the goal in past tense brings it alive and it lets our brains know that we are taking over — that we mean business.  It also sends our bodies the subliminal message that this goal is fully possible, and the process has begun. When we write things down we make them a priority, and the universe responds to us when we clarify and articulate what we want.

In January of 2007, when I did this exercise, “Cured myself of Lupus” went on that list.  Shortly thereafter, I put the list away and didn’t even look at again until November.  Lo and behold, when I dug that list out of my files 10 months later, there were lots of items on the list that I had completed and accomplished that I had even forgotten were goals.

I notice, both personally and with my clients, that sometimes very specific goals change slightly over time (instead of going to Mexico, you went to Greece — but most importantly you lazed on the beach).  The heart and soul of what’s important to us doesn’t change all that much.  When we say we want to cure ourselves, what we are really speaking to is a deep desire to live fully in our bodies.  To be here now, and to know we have that choice.

Your heart has the ability to decipher what your brain is asking for and to respond accordingly.  When your brain decides it is going to do something — and writes it down, making it real — it sets up a whole body accountability with your heart, your muscles, your cells, your energy, your breath, and your spirit as if to say, “All aboard!  Let’s get this thing moving!”

See you tomorrow for Unorthodox Idea #3.

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