About Treelife


Through innovative private coaching, workshops and retreats, and ceremony officiating, Treelife strives to connect individuals with their passions and create sustainable change; to develop mindfulness and encourage connection in communities; and to collaboratively reclaim and reinvent sacred and public rituals.


WHOLENESS Treelife celebrates wholeness at every stage of development. Like an acorn and a full-grown oak tree, we are, as individuals and communities, whole in each phase, and simultaneously moving toward a greater expression of our wholeness.

ACCOUNTABILITY The hallmark of coaching efficacy is self-responsibility. Treelife Coaching expects that, in life and in business, we do what we say we will do and take ownership of our commitments.

SUSTAINABILITY Treelife considers the impact of its actions, and strives to make choices for the common good. Whenever possible, Treelife seeks ways to limit unnecessary consumption, uses local resources, and chooses materials that are gentle on the earth.

DIVERSITY Treelife welcomes people from all walks of life and strives to consistently practice non-judgment and inclusivity.

HONESTY Treelife believes it is in the risk of vulnerability that we create opportunities for personal transformation. In striving for more authentic, clear communication, we forge access to whole-heartedness and deep community.

HOLISM Treelife honors the mind, body, and spirit in every human being and endeavors to have its work incorporate a blend, balance, and alignment of these elements.

CREATIVITY Treelife encourages clients to make up their own rules about things, honor their own personal ideologies, and express themselves through creative outlets as a gateway to joy, ease, self-connection, and spirit.

COMMUNITY Treelife advocates for strength found through interdependence. Through the development and maintenance of trusting, egalitarian communities, resources become more abundant and optimal living more possible.