Success Stories


Carolyn is a client who made big visible changes fast. She is in her early 60s, and came to me feeling really bored with her teaching job where she’d been for 30 years. She wanted to retire, but had promised her husband, for financial reasons, that she would teach two more years. During a series of coaching sessions, Carolyn and I worked on her vision for those two years and beyond and we discovered and excavated some hard-won boundaries and blocks that were in the way.

Then, Carolyn utterly transformed her own experience at work. She started by completely redefining her position — from full-time foreign language teacher to part-time instructor of a new course curriculum she developed herself called “Life Skills for High School Seniors with Special Needs.” She rounded out her schedule by also becoming part-time assistant principal, dusting off an old advanced degree she’d almost forgotten about. She also went down to working 4 days instead of 5. In the meanwhile, Carolyn cultivated some new goals to take her through her final years working at the school, including creating closure with some important students and faculty.

Five months later, Carolyn is totally happy going to work in the morning. She still coaches with me, focusing on being more present in life and at work so she can leave the legacy she really wants to leave when it comes time to retire and so that she can create a fabulous retirement that’s worth leaving her job for.

“My coaching experience has taught me to focus on what is, rather than what might be, which has significantly improved my coping skills.” - Carolyn, Long Island



Often in coaching, the transformation that happens is comprised of a series of subtle shifts that are, possibly, undetectable to those in the life of the client (re: her family members) but feel, to the client, revolutionary — like she has a whole new way of being in the world. Such is the case with my client Anaisa.

Anaisa is a 33-year-old mother of two with a fascinating and ongoing history of religious awakening, a strong moral and ethical code, and a truly intentional way of being. She has quite a lot going on in her life, and came to me with the brave notion of wanting to understand the dark, unmotivated, angry sides of herself and do some healing so that she could, more authentically, manifest her soul work in the world.

In our sessions together, Anaisa has experienced dramatic internal shifts, and she diligently practices new ways of being in relationship with herself. While on paper Anaisa’s life appears much the same as it did 8 months ago — same home, same family scenario, same employment status, same financial situation — her experienceof it has shifted to a great degree. She reports, “It has been so liberating to move away from how I assume I’m supposed to live. Now, I notice I’m making choices from my instincts about what’s most authentic in me. Without all those self-imposed rules, I’m much more powerful.”

Anaisa is not a whole new person; she’s a truer self. It is in revealing this old soul, that Anaisa has started to make some tangible changes in her life — one of them is she’s in training to become a life coach.

“Words can’t do justice to what I feel blossoming in me right now.”
– Anaisa, New Jersey