Treelife offers a variety of workshops throughout the year designed to relieve stress and activate creative solutions. 


What have you been putting off that you could start now? This interactive and empowering 6-week workshop is designed for women who envision a creative, meaningful future for themselves, and would like to gather the resources and support to make it happen. Going well beyond the kind of list-making exercises one could learn in a goal-setting book, these six weeks offer participants an opportunity to create a compelling personal process that honors both their deepest values and their wildest dreams, while gaining the practical tools to be successful.  (This workshop is also available for private booking.)

In this 6-week workshop, you will:

  • Clarify and articulate at least one major goal
  • Discover what motivates you in a safe setting
  • Identify what support you need, and where to get it
  • Create a work process that will get you to get it done
  • Hold yourself and the others in the group accountable
  • Optimize your own potential on your own terms

    Another group will start soon — please check back for updates.Email Mary if you are interested in putting your own group together.  



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“This workshop has totally changed my life!” - Carmelle, Brooklyn

“I was hoping to make a plan to help me get out of the restaurant industry, but this was way more than that.” - Vanessa, New Jersey

“It is an absolute no-brainer to take advantage of this opportunity as part of ongoing personal growth. It created space for me to focus on a clear personal goal that I haven’t been prioritizing. It’s helped me to acknowledge limiting beliefs and obstacles so I can give myself permission to set them aside.” - Rebecca, Brooklyn


   “Believe those who are seeking the truth.  Doubt those who find it.” Andre Gide

Do you yearn for a deeper sense of who you are and why you are here?

For many of us, the religious beliefs we were taught as children are no longer the right fit. We know what we don’t believe…but do we know what we do believe?  A more spiritual life is possible for anyone who is willing to explore the big questions, throw out what doesn’t resonate, and find what does. In the this intensive 6-week workshop, we will use imagery, poetry, symbols, rituals, guided and explorative discussion, writing exercises, connection with nature, visualization, and the practice of discipline, to dive into both realms of spirituality — the soul and the spirit.

Throughout this experience you will:

  • Explore, clarify, and deepen your own sense of “Spirituality” and develop language to express what you believe
  • Create a customized Morning Spirit Practice that will forge a personal pathway to the discipline of spiritual life
  • Develop an understanding of the difference between Soul and Spirit and discover ways to integrate both into a fuller experience
  • Envision and plan for the most meaningful life possible by preparing your own End-of-Life Memorial
  • Connect with both Inner and Outer Nature and communicate with the more-than-human world of wisdom
  • Design and enact a Personal Ceremony that both engages the spirit and initiates you into soul embodiment 

This workshop is also available as a weekend-long experience and can be booked privately for groups of 6 or more.


Titled A DREAM WITH A DEADLINE, the popular Goalkeepers Workshop is available as a one-day powerful staff leadership training for businesses and non-profits. This is an excellent opportunity for staff members to learn how to effectively get to the heart of any goal, grow it bigger and get it done.   The workshop addresses both a personal and organizational-level goals, and offers skills and tools for enhanced customer/client interaction and success. Contact me for details and booking.

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A 6-Part Discovery and Planning Workshop for Couples

When did weddings become a color-coded, point and click, impress your boss, money-driven industry that often leave people with nightmarish stories to tell, broken relationships to mend, and the empty feeling of, “what and who is this allfor?” Planning a wedding should and can be a fun, inclusive, and special experience that serves to manifest individual expression and unify the couple. It is also a time for discovering your partner in a new and deeper way as you prepare the promises to share on wedding day.

This workshop is designed in support of couples who question the value of standard wedding “checklists” as well as many of the “should’s” and “have to’s” that have a tendency to govern many planning decisions. These six-weeks, working as partners, are an opportunity to reclaim the process of planning a commitment ceremony and are a challenge to make up your own rules about it.

This workshop comprehensively covers the who, what, when, where, why, and how of creating the meaningful ceremony of your dreams and encourages self-discovery and collaboration at every level! It also includes a special section on mindful alternatives to traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties, gift registries, pre-ceremony activities, and ways to say thank you.

This workshop is great for:

  • couples who have recently gotten engaged or are thinking about getting engaged
  • couples who are interested in deviating from wedding status quo and don’t know where to begin
  • couples who have conflicting ideas for their commitment ceremony and seek ways to compromise
  • couples who had a City Hall wedding and want to [re-]do something more personal OR couples who are ready to renew their vows

This workshop is for couples only, and is open to couples of any sexual orientation.