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Hi.  I’ve missed you.  Happy New Year!  I’m so happy it’s January.  I like the twinkly, food-and-wine heavy, long (short) days of December but, for me, they don’t hold a candle to the fresh, buzzy days of early January.  In December we made gnocchi, we played instruments, we took walks, we lit lots of candles.  It was lovely.  But, ahhhh….January.  A new year.  A new list.  A few resolutions.  A bustling energy for cleaning out drawers and amping up the old morning jog.  Ah yes, this is much more my speed.

I feel that I owe you an explanation for my relative absence in this space the last several months.  Of course, I’m sure you’ve guessed that I’m just busy now with 2 kids — and that is, indeed, mostly why I haven’t been checking in as often.  I only have about a total of 3 hours a week of “me time” (on the mornings when Orlis goes to preschool and Lenox is taking a nap) and truth be told, usually I’d rather be sewing or reading than going anywhere near my computer during those cherished 3 hours.  So, I’ve been sewing a LOT and I’m so sorry…not showing you ANYTHING!  (shame!).  But, the other issue is, I just haven’t been taking that many pictures.  Oh, please help me with this!  I find my hands are occupied and still-lifes are a thing of the past, but even sweet, real-life moments are so much harder to capture these days.  I find myself reaching for the camera on two consistent occasions: 1. when Lenox is being especially cute, I think to myself, “don’t be lame and not take pictures of your 2nd child!” so I try to capture some of that stuff for posterity, and 2. when the boys are loving on each other (or more rare, playing easily alongside each other), and I’m think to myself, “Oh!  They do like each other!  This is going to be okay!  I’d better take a picture so I can remember this peaceful, loving, gentle moment!”  …….and that’s about it, my friends.  The rest of the time, I have no idea where my camera is.  And what’s a blog without photos?

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to answer my phone more often and also to be better about flossing.  Whenever I read those articles about people who are on their deathbeds saying what they regret about their lives, both “neglecting one’s dental health” and “not staying in closer contact with those they love” always rank really high.  In this I see that my bad habits are somewhat universal.  So, those two things for sure are at the top of my fresh start list this year, along with at least a once-a-month blog to check in with you fine people.  I also made a commitment to use gentler words and tones with my kids….especially the one that pushes my buttons (who shall remain nameless).  I also plan to amp up the craft nights, game days, playdates, and dinner parties around these parts, and to put half of our toys/stuff/crap in storage.  Who knows — maybe a garage sale is in my future.  I think it’s safe to say that the theme of my year will be about simplicity and connection.  At the very top of my “to-do” list (is it a To-Do list when you can’t really ever check it off??) is to help my boys become great brothers.  And by “help,” I think what I mean is “watch and trust.”    My instincts say that all the ingredients for solid brotherhood are there, they just need to simmer.  Finding my best, most useful role in this is the task of the year, indeed.  And who to listen to most closely about this very close-to-my-heart topic?  My mom or my brother?  My friends who are parents of two or more?  My myriad of parenting books?  My kids? ….my heart?

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11 thoughts on “january

  1. This blog post reads like a mini-newsletter. It’s great to learn what you all have been up to and where your energy is right now. Sounds like you are doing your best, beautiful job of staying both right in the moment and keeping a bit of focus on the long-term, too. I know that’s a tough balancing act. You’re doing great!

  2. Thanks for posting these beautiful photos and words! I think of you always, but ESPECIALLY in “fresh, buzzy” January.

  3. Happy and a healthy New Year to all of you. I enjoyed seeing how big and beautiful the boys are. Our best to all of you.

  4. So glad you are back! I love reading your beautiful thoughts and insights, as well as seeing these gorgeous photos. Love what you said about “helping” by watch and trust. A good reminder for so many things.

  5. Loved your inspiring message and the great pictures of your family! I hold your sweet family in my heart and smile thinking of all of you. Glad you got the camera back out……adorable. Xoxo

  6. Missed your blog- such a sweet presence in my life. Sounds like your work is cut out for you. I’m sure it will be an interesting journey.

  7. so nice to see you and hear about you, even if only in the virtual world of blogging. (Wish it was in actual live person. I miss you.) Sounds like you’re knee deep in the ‘oh my gosh 2 kids really keeps me busy and exhausted even more” stage. And I have no doubt you’re handling it gracefully and with love.

  8. So glad the blog is back! And I’d say you’re doing great with the photos – I love the array above! Here’s to a productive and social 2014!

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