these days (deep summer)

IMG_8630These days I’m…

*waking to transcendent bright morning light and savoring this luminous time of year when the sun is in full blast as she welcomes me into my day

*finding succulent tomatoes and crisp garden cucumbers left on our doorstep by our neighbors almost daily

*reverting (happily) to whipping up last year’s favorite Asian Cucumber salad and crunching away on it all day long

*freezing homemade popsicles made from fresh picked berries to the delight (and utter mess-making) of my very favorite toddler

*pausing, many times a day, to notice the quiet; the absence of our beloved, old kitty Lima Bean who passed a few weeks ago

*feeling my heart grow warm every time I see this almost-3-month-old smile at me

*loving the excuse that summer gives to many people we love to come for a visit.  Loving these delightful people up while they are here.  Loving all the food we eat together.  Loving all the great places we get to take them around town.  Loving all the love they shake out on our kiddos.

*missing my sewing machine and all my fabrics.  Knowing there will be time, one of these days — some little pocket of time — to get my hands going again in my studio.

*appreciating the social nature of summer.  Summer birthday parties, summer potlucks, summer playgroups.  All kinds of reasons to gather in parks and backyards and celebrate the season and blooming friendships.

*putting fresh tomatoes and charred corn in everything I can think of.   Savoring how distinctive summer’s flavors truly are.

*hearing, for the thousandth time, “Don’t Let Me Down” being banged out on our makeshift-furniture drum set and the wailing vocals of a boy who loves music.

*feeling my heart crack open as I witness my two boys learning how to be brothers.  Feeling the newness of my sweet little babe transform, slowly, into a comfortable, most welcome known-ness…a not-so-new-now feeling.  Noticing the fresh energy he brings into our family dynamic.

*and relishing these long warm days, sweet, slow memory-making days and the green beauty of this bountiful time of year.

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