Curing Yourself of an Incurable Disease, Part 6

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Unorthodox Idea #6

Befriend Your Body.

“You mean, you’ll put down your rock and I’ll put down my sword and we’ll try and kill each other like civilized people?” – from The Princess Bride

When I was first diagnosed with Lupus, I was lucky enough to receive superb medical care and getting the right cocktail of prescription drugs shifted my experience from one of utterly painful paralysis to taking a long jog in the park within a matter of days.  In the short-term, western medicine saved my life and I am grateful for it.  In the long-term, though, I knew I’d need to save my own, especially with a label like “incurable” tagging along behind me everywhere I went.

Befriending my body meant realizing my body is 1)all of me, and therefore, 2)not against me, and 3)not some separate thing I can “hand over to the experts to fix.”  I knew I needed to forge a loving relationship with the very thing that seemed to be betraying me and my life plans.

One easy and totally accessible way to start to befriend our bodies is to put down our swords. We can embrace that in order to move towards true, lasting health, a holistic approach is not only preferable, it is necessary.  To start, we’ve got to see that our minds and bodies are constantly sending messages to each other, and that how we do that matters.  Modern medicine approaches (particularly when utilized solely) have a tendency to engender an antagonistic relationship between our minds and our bodies, and you can hear it in the very language we use.  Visit any conventional cancer ward, and you’ll hear words and phrases like “kill the cancer cells”; “get rid of”; destroy”; “eliminate”; “infested”; “battle”; “fight”; etc.  Sure, the idea is to get whatever is toxic and poisonous out, but in the meanwhile, these are our bodies we are talking about.

We all know that sticks and stones can break our bones…but words hurt the worst. The last thing our bodies need when they are sick is more violence — particularly coming from us! We simply can’t wage a war against our own lifeblood and expect to heal from the inside out. What we can do is change our language.  We can nurture the delicate processes of healing with a delicacy of speech, thought, and belief.  Doing so instantly shifts our relationship both to our disease and to our bodies.

So, put down your sword, and instead, send some loving messages to the systems in your body that are working to right things.  Write yourself a letter.  Talk about your journey with others using the kind of language you would use with a toddler.  And, thank your body for all that it’s doing to move you along towards another day.  After all, we all work better with a little encouragement.

I’ll see you tomorrow for Unorthodox Idea #7.


10 Unorthodox Ideas for Curing Yourself of an Incurable Disease



Today is the beginning of a 10-Day Celebration on the Treelife Coaching Blog where I will reveal, One Day and One Way at a time, my Unorthodox Ideas for Curing Yourself of an Incurable Disease.  For a little backstory and today’s kick-off idea — Unorthodox Idea #1, read on…and come back tomorrow — there will be more waiting for you.

Two years ago, I cured myself of Lupus.  Perhaps you know someone with Lupus and you might have heard that this autoimmune disease is “incurable” — which means that once you have it, you have it for life.  Like many diseases, Lupus can manifest in variant degrees.  In some cases Lupus is deadly, in others it means a lifetime of painful symptoms, and in other cases it is mild and controlled, but always present.  In my case, it’s gone.

The number one question I get from friends, family, and anyone who visits my website and reads my biography is this: “How did you do it?”  Whenever someone asks that, I realize what they are really asking is:  How can they cure themselves (or someone they love) of something incurable?

The answer to that question is both complex and simple.  The complexity lies in the fact that we are all so unique as individuals.  Therefore, we have to find the kind of solutions that work best for us. This is true with any kind of issue or problem.  Assuming I can generalize about any kind of solution for anything would grossly undermine your instinctive ways in the world.  Therefore, I simply can’t give you a secret number to call or a magic potion.  I can’t tell you exactly what to eat, what doctor to visit, or what book to read (although I have some ideas).  I certainly can’t assure you that you will “Be Free of your [Incurable Disease] in 30 days if you just Follow these Simple Steps.”  I wish I could guarantee instantaneous and miraculous healing for anyone who is suffering.

What I can do is this: I can tell you that you have a lot more power than you might think to cure yourself of whatever is ailing you. I can offer you my non-strategic, unorthodox, and non-guaranteed approaches to a disease-free life in the hopes that there will be something in there for you of value.  I can say that this journey of self-healing really is a journey, and it doesn’t stop when it’s over.  If doing these things doesn’t cure you of your disease, they will, I think, at least, cure you of not believing in yourself.  Which is to say, it’s worth a try, right?

Unorthodox Idea #1 Decide You Can.

If this article was titled “1 Unorthodox Idea for Curing Yourself of an Incurable Disease” this would be the 1.  The simple act of deciding the impossible is possible — and moreover that sheer will is more powerful than nearly anything — is not only the most potent gift you can give yourself, but also the only place to start on a journey of self-healing.

When something is labeled “incurable” — too many of us take that to be law.  The end.  In truth, “incurable” simply means a cure hasn’t been discovered or recorded yet.  Until now; until you.  Shifting your perspective to look at it that way makes a diagnosis like “incurable” more like the beginning of a journey (and less like a death sentence).  Begin with deciding you are the cure.

See you tomorrow for Unorthodox Idea #2.