in this, and every other universe, I do.

I do love late summer and early fall and will ALWAYS enter September in best-month-of-the-year contests, my birthday and baby boy’s birthday notwithstanding.  It’s also a fabulous time of year to have a wedding, and the wedding that I officiated last weekend was no exception.

A few highlights, with commentary:

Who: two self-described and most endearing “geeks” who love fantasy, science and reason, Dragon Con, gaming, taekwondo, their cat kids, their friends, and each other

C and M were most wonderful to work with — organized to the minute, and articulate and easy to be with.  They brought their full selves and their love for each other to the center of every conversation we had, making it easy to filter out their values and create a ceremony that reflected their unique and most athiestic beliefs (or what they might describe as “non-beliefs”), the details of their journey together thus far,  as well as their fascination with fantasy world.

Where: semi-rural Connecticut at a lovely all-inclusive banquet house






I’m crazy about late summer-to-fall landscaping and the way it graces gardens with a cacophony of colors…some final, farewell glimpses of pinks and yellows and an ushering in of fall’s richer palette.  C and M adorned the space and their color-coded party with the same summer-to-fall juxtaposition and were, themselves, radiant in their excitement about the day, each other, and their posse of spirited folks there in support of a special day.

Setting the scene for party time: Before the ceremony, I noticed elements for the reception-to-follow come together that spoke to their personal and shared lives, such as Battleship-themed centerpieces.  Wouldn’t you be delighted to sit at Table Galactica?

Or the Millennium Falcon?

A unique ritual: Our intimate work together brought about a ceremony rich in details about the rhythms of their lives, accentuated by a sci-fi soundtrack, a bit of Shakespeare, and symbols of independence, trust, and a shared journey.

Feeling good: Moments before the ceremony, C enjoyed a coke with ice and some trail mix among her ladies-in-waiting, and reported to me she felt, “fabulous.”  I took this (a relaxed bride!) as a sign to loosen my grip on my prepared comments and let a few jokes fly.

And indeed…: as a group of witnesses and participants in this special ceremony, we laughed.  We smiled.  We processed in order.  It was a beautiful day and an honor to play a part.  And indeed, they did.



Curing Yourself of an Incurable Disease, Part 4

share the news

share the news

Unorthodox Idea #4

Share the News.

Now that you are juggling firesticks and doing pop-o-wheelies on your roadbike, it might be time to include a few loved ones in your journey.

Letting your family and friends know your plans to “take over,” so to speak, will further bolster your power of intention.  Start with a trusted someone in your life who won’t be tempted to doubt you, laugh at you, or perhaps the worst — give you advice.  Deciding to cure yourself is a soul-infused choice; it concerns your whole being, including the body’s wisdom as well as your deep intuition.  Being asked too early on to give specifics, in a logical sense, of “how you are going to do it” might very well stunt the mysterious powers at play, so who you choose to share it with is important.  Share your great news with the people in your life who have a respect for wonder and experiment; instinct and heart.  If even one trusted friend knows you are a miracle in the making, you’ll have someone to check in with when you need to.

The efficacy of intentional prayers and pointed, positive energy has a tendency to grow bigger than the sum of its proverbial parts.  When you include trusted others in your process, you make space for their innate healing powers too.  So, go ahead and let the ones you love really believe in you.

See you tomorrow for Unorthodox Idea #5.